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Baseline is:


1. Bible Believing/Word Centered

God’s Word anchors us to the truth. The truth always sets free. God’s Word is truth.


2. Holy Spirit Empowered

The promise of the Holy Spirit and His empowering is paramount for the New Testament believer to move freely and forward.


3. Family Friendly

The institution of family was created by God, likewise, the church. These two institutions are designed by God to work together.


4. Community Reaching

Community is our first mission field. The gospel and our love proceed from our doors to the tri-county area and beyond.


5. Kingdom Building

God’s kingdom is progressive. We move forward and cooperate with it.


6. House of Prayer and Worship

Jesus said, “My Father’s house is a house of prayer”. He also said to “Love/worship the Father with all your spirit, soul, & body”.


7. Full of Love and Redemption

People miss it and make mistakes. We join with Jesus’ process of helping redeem back to the Lord.

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