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Adult Sunday School Class

Grace-DNA of God.jpg

David and Jan Vandlen lead our Sunday School Class.  We meet weekly at 9:00 am in the Library.

The class is reading through

"Grace: The DNA of God"

by Tony Cooke.

God’s grace is seen to be multi-faceted, having application in every area of the believer’s life. Explored are saving grace, sanctifying grace, strengthening grace, sharing grace, and serving grace. Grace is never an excuse, but empowerment.


Grace is not a spiritual hammock in which we lazily abandon and abdicate spiritual responsibilities; rather, God’s grace is a launching pad that propels us into a life of obedience, consecration, and Christlikeness.


Grace is never a cop-out from observing Christian disciplines, but rather, it is a catalyst that powerfully enables the believer be and to do all that God has called us to become and accomplish. 

The book is provided.

All are welcome!

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